Owww, is it finally here?

A not that strict translation of this one: https://swansil.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/ohhhh-e-qui-finalmente/

Short post, due to the euphoria breathable in the summer air surrounding us up here in Sweden. Yeah, summer!  What for me is nothing but a warmer spring weather we are used to welcome ever since April, here if defined as sumemr. Not that I dislike it! On the contrary, with my very low resilience in the Italian (South-European) sumemr heat, I like a fresher Northern summer. Even because, after tha past most terrible 4 winter months (January – April), both body and mind can eventually give in to the best period I’ve lived since I’ve been here. And since the winter months took away from me any kind of high spirit (which was by the way never something I stood out for ^^), I can eventually heave a sigh of relief! Long story short, every ray of sunshine that lightens the valley here is to be regarded as heaven sent. Last summer when I arrived here in August I was just another tourist who  unwillingly ended up living in a little corner of the world where she had never thought she would have…but lately the slow yet ongoing process of adjustmest has almost come to an end (‘almost’ because I still don’t master the language and I guess I never will….). So last year, when a friend of mine from my 2nd-years told me that as soon as May had come, I would have tried to absorb every little sunshine wherever I was (as you see them doing it here), I didn’t believe him because – I quote – “I come from a place where sun shines almost 365 days a year and I’m fed up with that”. When May came, I started so early to do it that had I bet on it, I would have miserably lost. There’s something mystical about the coming of summer here for me that is intrinsically non-existent where I come from just because in Italy winter is not as cold, long and rigid.  Everything changes in the blink of an eye.. trees and other plants’ blossoms burst in bloom in an overnight, Narcissus fragrance pervades every corner, lane, square in town, mixed with millions of other flowers’ scents..sunglasses, shorts, ice cream cones and gaiety. I honestly have to thank Sweden from the bottom of my heart for letting me appreciate summer again, for the first time after almost a decade.

So much…as to make me go to the sea yesterday with a friend of mine and bathe not only in the sun but also in the sea! The coldest water I’ve ever felt on my skin, evidently, but softened by the warmest breeze I’ve ever felt here in Southern Sweden. The day was so clear that the Öresund bridge was visible on the horizon!

And now I conclude this translation by adding that, almost one year later, I am here typing this in the very average cloudy, damp, cold weather that preceeds whatever I’ve just described. So, I’m looking forward for it to start again, even though this year is a little bit different…. this year I finishi my MSc and although I’ll try to enjoy the shift, it can get so busy as to even make me forget to keep track of it.

Or, I might as well fool around at the beach…!!

Let’s see what Life would bring.


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