Sverige är ett konstigt land, men fascinerande

Exactly. As you might guess from the title of this post (he~he~), Sweden is a weird country, yet fascinating! Both the adjectives were thoughtfully chosen and reflect how little I know – still – of this land!

I think it’s strange because the people here are extremely sensitive towards environmental problems and to how to preserve the common good which is Nature (yep, with capital letter).. sliced cold meat tubs made of an odd material, paper but “plastic”-coated with some vegetable thing (that way it is not tetrapak, which by the way was invented by Swedish people too), which does not get wet due to the contact with meat but it may easily biodegrade (?!).. it’s hard to pay spray deodorants less than roll-ons because they are bad for the hole in the ozone layer.. and yesterday night I even found out that just a few people smoke because many of them are still used to applying little snuff packages on their gums above their teeth – instead of litting a cigarette – since, actually, they can be easily biodegraded and do not harm other people’s health (after all, if they smoke, they do it in hidden places because I don’t see anyone smoking down the street). BUT if you go to the supermarket, you still find plastic bags!!!! Here it is one of the reasons why I think they’re weird (in a completely honest and benevolent way) !

As far as the fascinating part is concerned.. I don’t know how to put it in words, maybe when we travel everything looks more fascinating. Yet, there’s something ethereal and without time in this 70.000-inhabitant town, which is invaded by soooo many students that its population gets up to 100.000 inhabitants every fall. Maybe it’s the fact that everyone ride their bike and when you cross the street you must be careful not to be hit by a bike, and not by a car. Or maybe it’s the fact that there aren’t any barrack-like buildings either in its outskirts, neither in IDEON Park, where my “department” is – the Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies – (below).

Or maybe it’s the fact that all the houses are built with either red or pale yellow bricks and it makes you think you have stepped into a fairy tale world..or maybe that among the citizens still exists the same custom of more than a century ago to arrive 15 minutes late to dates or appointments (or even uni lectures) set at some hour o’clock due to the fact that they did not wear clocks and they knew what time it was by hearing the Dome bells ringing.

I don’t know, I don’t see frenzy but much cheerfulness mixed with a little bit of fanatical organization!

Until now, uni appointments went very easily and smoothly. Everyone strive to help you and make things easier for you. Yet, they’re so easy that I have almost already done everything I need for university and I can say I take the rest of the days as a holiday until Aug. 29th, when I am supposed to start the Master courses.

The weather is not that good (it’s raining heavily and steadily at the moment); yet I expected something like this.. I am in Sweden after all, I coulnd’t expect people cheerfully going to the sea and bathe into the Öresund, right? Indeed I could have! Swedish people still go to the beach and in town they wear very light clothes (shorts and T-shirts), yet being 12-13°C.  I am wondering, rethorically, how will the well-known Scandinavian winter be!

As for now, the landscape is like this… hmmm, I call it landscape but I am actually in the LTH park (LTH is Lunds Tekniska Högskola) . A few steps from the Centre where I’ll be studying in.. birds, old stones, grass and many bikes!

Bra! Jag är mycket trött… så det är allt för nu!

Say, I am very tired… so it’s everything for now!


One thought on “Sverige är ett konstigt land, men fascinerande

  1. ❤ I'm glad you're having a good time!! I love this post, and I mostly love the part about the plastic bags! XD tell them to start using paper ones, indeed! It looks lovely where you are and you should start to ride a bike everywhere and become like a local 😉

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