I admit…

SWEDISH IS A PAIN IN THE…ehm, you know!!!!!!!!!!!! I really need to unleash my disappointment about the fact that I really can’t put this language into my head (who knows me might actually see the gravity of such an assertion). I must admit, it has already been a while now that I am trying to.. and I have to say that lately I am not trying that hard as before, since I see no improvement. Not even the slightest. I know that is not at all the right solution to the problem, but let me say that learning Vietnamese looks easier, period. Its pronunciation is kind of a very difficult thing (after the transliteration made​by the French protectorate in the second half of the Nineteenth century), for a few words written exactly the same way but with different accents on those exact same letters mean completely different things. Yet, at least, those accents are visible..right above that hell of a letter! These thoughts don’t really apply to this other case though, unfortunately. Anyhow, these two languages seem very similar to each other, paradoxically speaking. Even just for the fact that a single word has multiple different accents. For us Italians that’s absurd! Moreover, other very demanding things are trying to get through the logical sense of its grammar, at first, and to understand how words are spelled while you are listening to someone pronouncing them. As far as I am concerned, it is by far the language which has the least correspondence between the pronunciation and the spelling of words (I am clearly speaking of languages where no symbols are used). Long story short, lately I am pretty bored of being stuck on the exactly same pages (and even at the exact same low level), without getting any better. Maybe the thing that I would have never ever even thought about starting to learn such an unattractive language (the way how it sounds really scares me a little!) helps this happening.. or maybe I am so disappointed in me because during the last years when I have been learning all the other languages I know, it was a pretty easy and fast thing for me to do.. I don’t know, I feel kind of overwhelmed by that.. should I really have to try the best I could? BAH!


5 thoughts on “I admit…

  1. Maria says:

    Its gonna help when you move to Lund dear Silvia! And I hope that you learn to like the language one day 😉

    1. Hej,
      actually I have started liking Swedish soon after I posted this here, because I found out that there aren’t any verb conjugations for different subjects! That’s nice! It helps a lot….even though there is no fix rule how to know whether you have to use an -a or an -e (i.e: the present tense of the verb stanna (stay) is stannAr, though for the verb komma (come) is kommEr! yeah!)
      But you know what? You really were right, I might be able to learn both Swedish and Danish, min vän! <— you see that's Swedish and the ä is obviously read as an "e", sooooooo, you know what I mean, don't you?

      1. Maria says:

        Selvfølgelig min ven 🙂 (Of course my friend)
        Looking forward to your “learning swedish” adventure, its gonna be fun when you begins to speak more fluently!

        Ha det så bra! (haha, sorry my Swedish is very limited and I can only a few phrases 😛 )

  2. Franceli says:

    Hi Silvia, so good to read your blog!!!! and Congratulations for your fluent and accurate English!!!! I am so proud of you! Do NOT be disappointed about learning Swedish (I know you are a bright student) becuase I am sure you will succeed. Language learning is a process which needs time and ‘faith’ :-), so do not give up and carry on as much as you can. How loong are you goirng to stay in Sweden? Are you there for a Phd? Hope to hear from you if you have time! Take care,
    E. Franconi

    1. Hey Prof.!! (sorry, I guess it’s just natural to keep on calling you like that! 😛 )
      Thank you for your comment and congrats! Actually, it’s not that I keep this blog much posted, but I’m snowed under work. I’m a Msc student now! I am studying Asian Studies and the programme comprises courses on economics, politics and social sciences in the area. Now we have just started our “regional course” and, for me, it’s about South-East Asia (since I am specializing in Vietnam). That’s why I am here in Sweden.. I’ll stay here just until graduation (June, 2013) though, because I don’t think that Sweden is a country where I could live for the rest of my life. It really looks weird, but as soon as I started living up here, so many stereotypes crashed and my opinion of this place has changed…for the worse! But still, the university environment is extremely stimulating and rewarding (even if I must admit that at times it just becomes overwhelming). Still, we will be given the possibility to conduct our fieldwork research in the area we selected, by Januray (next year). So I thought it was a great opportunity for an EU citizen, since we are exempted from paying tuition fees.
      As for learning Swedish, I am sorry to say that I have really given up! I can use it in the stores or with friends, and it obviously helps a lot, but I don’t have much spare time and I admit I want to use it to do something I like! And I basically don’t like Swedish; it’s not just that it’s a tough language. Lately, I have approached Japanese and Vietnamese, too. I have always loved being able to communicate with people through their own language after all.
      I tried to send you some emails some time ago, but maybe I have an old address. Are you still working at Volta? (OK, writing such a sentence in English makes me giggle, but still!)
      Hope to hear from you too and all the best!

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